At PAK'S, we feel strongly that anyone can succeed in martial arts training. Through proper goal setting and regular training, lives are changed, and our programs help students achieve enduring success. Training programs here at PAK'S impart wisdom, self-confidence, and purpose-driven strength - useful tools in today's fast-paced world. Using skills passed down by the Hwa Rang Warriors, our instructors strive to unlock great potential in the lives of our students and their families. Our modern teaching methods, combined with a traditional martial arts program, create opportunities for individuals and families to develop physically, mentally and spiritually, achieving their life's highest accomplishments.



Elementz Program

Ages 4 and 5 years old
Class length: 60 minutes
Classes: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday starting at 4:00 PM

A character based, balanced program designed to integrate martial arts training with the benefits of fitness training. Students work on a variety of techniques that help them learn basic martial arts skills of blocking, striking, and kicking, along with gross and fine motor skill development.

Every two weeks we change the focus of the mat chat to a different character trait. Students that are able to demonstrate the character trait consistently, receive a special patch for their belt. This is how students advance through the program.

Skills currently in rotation

  • Respect
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility

Once a student has attained the required skills, we will consider them for the White Tiger Program.





White Tiger Program

Ages 6 and 7 years old
Class length: 60 minutes
Classes: Monday and Wednesday starting at 4:00 PM
Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6:00 PM

This is a very robust beginner's Tang Soo Do program that features all of the activities included in the regular Tang Soo Do program, except the pace is structured to allow better development of skills and techniques, for this age group.

Students learn opening movements, forms, one-step sparring and eventually free sparring, along with a vigorous rotating fitness curriculum. They are also introduced to Korean terminology in this class.

Students are generally ready to promote every six months in this program, as long as they are consistently able to demonstrate the required skills.

Students earn a number of stripes on their belts in this class, based on their ability to demonstrate the skills they are learning. This allows everyone to see where each student is in their development.





Youth Tang Soo Do

Ages 8 through 11 years old
Class length: 90 minutes
Classes: Beginners Classes - Monday, Wednesday, Friday starting at 5:00 PM
Advanced Classes - Monday, Wednesday, Friday starting at 6:30 PM

Youth students are divided into Beginners and Advanced Students. This allows us to ensure that that the students get good foundational practice before they get into the more complicated forms and techniques.

Youth students practice forms, one-step, and free sparring in each class, along with a variety of stimulating skill drills, and programmed fitness in each class. The rigorous fitness component is on a rotation that allows the students to focus on balance, strength, and power, each promotional cycle. The goal is for all of the students to improve physically in their Tang Soo Do training.

The promotional cycle for the youth is every 3 months. They can earn two stripes: one when they can demonstrate proficiency with the assigned forms and the other when they can demonstrate proficiency with their assigned kick technique.

Each month we focus on a particular topic at the end of class that is intended to get them thinking about who they are both in and out of class. Topics range from being a role model, to expressing gratitude.




Teen Tang Soo Do

Ages 12 through 16 years
Class length: 90 minutes
Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 7:00 PM
Fridays starting at 8:00 PM

We start the teens at 12 years old, since the curriculum changes to accommodate their learning capacity. This class is similar to the youth classes in all aspects except students advance at a somewhat faster pace. We also adapt our teaching style to better fit the needs of this group. Students need to have a deeper understanding of the whys and what fors of the style.

The class follows the same plan as the youth class, just at an accelerated pace, that is adapted for this stage of their lives. We also provide individual coaching for teens that are having difficulty keeping up with their rapidly changing bodies.

We incorporate the same mat chats from the youth classes in this group, except we expect the teens to be more interactive.





Adult Tang Soo Do

Ages 16 & older
Class length: 90 minutes
Classes: Monday and Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Adults have a variety of reasons for taking martial arts, some are looking to regain youthfulness, some looking for self-defense confidence, some want to finish something they started when they were younger.

This class still follows the same curriculum as the other Tang Soo Do classes, at a less aggressive pace. Students can test every three months, if they choose to, or they can take their time. We add more flexibility training to this class, as well as hand to hand techniques, and hand weapon training.

We do not free spar every in every Adult Class, and students get extra time working on forms kicking and striking techniques, as well as work on drills to improve mobility, posture, and balance.

It is an active group that really enjoys getting in a stimulating workout.