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Scheduling Classes

ALL classes need to be scheduled on-line either using the app or the online portal. You can schedule a class 10 days in advance and students can be scheduled for up to 3 classes at one time.

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Program Advancement

Student's progress from one program into the next based on age and/or experience. Once students get into the Tang Soo Do program, they start in the beginner's program and train twice a week. One forms class and one sparring class per week should keep most students on track. Program pricing is set for twice a week attendance. It takes about a year for a student to advance from the Beginners classes to the Intermediate level.

As student progress into Intermediate, Advanced, and Black Belt levels, the training gets more complicated and requires more training time. At these levels, pricing is structured for unlimited access.

In order to advance, students need to earn belt stripes that reflect various techniques and training milestones. These are broken down by rank and there are six for each rank. Once these stripes are achieved a student is ready to promote.

We find that doing promotions three times a year allows sufficient time for students to learn the assigned techniques and be able to use them in their sparring.

This is a complicated subject so if you have further questions feel free to contact Master Bill.

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