Here’s what people are saying about the PAKS experience

"One of the main reasons that held us back from placing our child in a martial arts program was that we had a tough time finding a program that focused on the totl advancement of the child. Since starting at Pak’s Ponte Vedra, we found that they emphasize focus and respect in the kids program. As a result we are seeing big improvements in our son’s self-confidence. What we really like about this program is that the instructors meet the children where they are and guide them to achieve results and move forward. I have experience in Martial arts and yoga spanning 45 years and it’s nice to see the quality of instruction at this school."

R. Lillard

"I know I am a better person because of the life lessons you have taught me. Your passion for excellence and determination to be the best is inspiring and motivational."

Dan W.

At first, I had concerns with my daughter’s ability to focus and maintain a respectable level of attention. Once she started at the school, the activities piqued her interest in physical activity and how physical activity was important to overall health. Classes teach her discipline on many levels and she is learning self-discipline as well. Students learn awareness, which helps with self-defense, respect of self and others, and the benefits of active living. The family environment in the school teaches respect, teamwork, and encouragement. Having female instructors also helps my daughter feel empowered and inspired to work hard. One of the great things about this school is that instruction does not stop at the end of class. They take time to meet with parents, answer questions and provide insights that are helpful with maintaining an active lifestyle at home. This program ROCKS!!

This program ROCKS!

"Distance and location had been our biggest obstacle to enrolling our son in Martial Arts. The convenience of having Ponte Vedra Pak’s Karate nearby along with the recommendation from a neighbor in the community made the decision to enroll our son an easy one. Now that he is in the program, our son demonstrates improved focus, and attention to detail. He is also learning respect for himself and others, and we see his confidence growing and the pride he takes in doing a good job. These are skills that he uses his entire day. We are excited to see where our son is able to go with his martial arts training at Pak’s Ponte Vedra. We highly recommend this program to others."

The Orlando’s

"I have lost weight, regained my cardio fitness, improved my flexibility and balance, and I now have the energy to do things I have not had for years. I am also no longer plagued by the aches and pains of over-exerting myself. Progressing through the Blackbelt ranks in Tang Soo Do is giving me a new lease on life and the great thing about this style is that I will continue to benefit from this training the older I get."

A new lease on life

"Pleasure to work with someone who holds himself to such a high level of professionalism."

Richard H.

"I became involved in martial arts when my parents decided to home school me. They wanted me to get a quality physical education and my mom found a martial arts school that catered to home school students. This was my introduction to martial arts. I found it challenging, rewarding and a great workout. That sums up how Tang Soo Do has become a part of my life. As I continue to grow through the black belt ranks I am looking forward to learning more from the United Tang Soo Do Federation. I enjoy training and doing demos with the students from the other schools. I have made many new friends and enjoy the classes."

Challenging, rewarding and a great workout

"As we looked into martial arts training for our son, we found the biggest obstacle to be class schedules and cost. Finding classes that work well with working parent’s schedules has been a challenge. The biggest benefit that we have seen since our son starting at Pak’s Ponte Vedra, is that this is the first activity he has done that he truly enjoys participating in. He is a little shy and hesitant to try new things. The fact that he felt comfortable from day one is a big reason he continues to look forward to each class. It’s also great to see him interact with other students of similar age. We feel that he truly feels part of something outside of home and school. The friendly atmosphere, close proximity, and encouraging instruction are the most important features to us. Through the classes, he is learning respect for himself and others, there is an emphasis on healthy living, making new friends and interacting with other adults aside from his parents and teachers. Our son, took to this program immediately and we recommend it to everyone. Our son really enjoys the instruction and the techniques he is learning. The instructors are very patient and create individualized approaches for the students so they feel welcome."

K & G Jopling

"Since starting at Ponte Vedra Pak’s Karate, our son has become more attentive and his listening skills have improved considerably. He is gaining self-confidence and self-discipline. Having previous experience with martial arts training for myself, I was pleased to see that this school placed a high value on discipline, fitness and confidence building. As a result of his training, our son is learning to focus more, be more respectful and his stamina has improved because of the fitness components of the program. Our experience has been great and we recommend this school. Instruction and class schedule is great and the fact that there are no contracts is a bonus. All we can say is keep up the good work!"

Greg W.

"We found it difficult to find a Karate school close to home. That has been solved with the opening of Pak’s Ponte Vedra, just a short walk from where we live and convenient to Nease High School. When my son started training at the school, we found that the discipline of the training was a big benefit to the physical fitness and that the training also helped him focus his mind. The instructors at this school are caring and very knowledgeable in Martial Arts. This is an experience that everyone should be a part of. We are happy to have found this school and would highly recommend it to anyone, young or old."

H. Figueroa
Parent & Student

"Training in Tang Soo Do is worthwhile experience, especially as I strive to regain the athleticism of days gone by. Now in my mid-fifties, I am in some of the best condition of my life."

Best condition of my life

"My family has been a part of the United Tang Soo Do Federation for many years. It is a great way for the family to pursue an interest together. This experience has kept us very close and helps in our ability to communicate with each other as we always seem to have a common interest to discuss. There are many families that have found this to be the case with the United Tang Soo Do Federation. We believe that families that train together; stay together."

Families that train together stay together



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