PAK’S Terminology by rank

Terminology is an important part of our curriculum as it shows respect to the style and Grand Master Pak. Some of you know that Grandmaster Pak is first generation to this country and when he leads class, much of it is in Korean. So, as a matter of practicality, we put emphasis on terminology and it is part of each promotional test.

Terminology is tested by rank, and students will be tested at each test using the list below according to solid belt color. For example: Green White Stripe, Green and Green Black Stripe must know the terms associated with Green belt and will be tested repeatedly on the list until they get to Blue Belt.

Students should be aware that not only are they responsible for knowing terminology at their current belt but will also need to know all previous belts’ terminology. For example: a Brown Belt will need to know the Korean term for Horse Riding Stance.

Terms are written phonetically and do not exactly represent the way the terms are written in the Korean language; rather these are written as such to help students with pronunciation.

In the recordings, each phrase is spoken three times with a dead air pause to allow students an opportunity to repeat after each phrase. Practicing after each phrase will help reinforce the term.


White Belt

Use White Belt Flash Cards
Play White Belt Game

Yellow Belt

Play Yellow Belt Game


Green Belt

Blue Belt


Brown Belt

Red Belt


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