At PAK’S, students receive expert training and learn valuable life skills

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Children who begin studying martial arts at Paks are exposed to training and exercises tailored to small bodies and developing minds. In these classes, students learn basic Tang Soo Do techniques, and training advances over the course of a year, culminating in a formal promotion ceremony tied to a student’s birthday.

The White Tigers are a group of interested students looking for more that what the Elementz students are learning. This is a full-on martial arts training experience including traditional forms, a wider range of techniques, one-step sparring, free sparring and board break
Students follow the same curriculum as the youth Tang Soo Do students, however it is structured at a slower pace, allowing students ample time to get the techniques down in time to advance.

Training for this group is broken into Forms Sessions and Sparring Sessions, allowing the instructors to focus on specific routines to help this age group as they continue to grow. Emphasis on gross and fine motor skills, balance and postural control, fast and slow twitch muscle movements are very important tot his age group. Forms training is very technical, not only focusing on forms, but drills and routines designed to introduce belt specific tec

Students are expected to attend a minimum of two, one-hour classes per week in order to be prepared to advance.

Flexibility balance and postural control is an important part of the fitness training in these classes.

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