Welcome to Pak’s Karate & Fitness, a unique studio with a whole-body approach to martial arts.

Martial Arts programs differ from style to style and school to school. So we thought it helpful to get some of the frequently asked questions out for your consideration.

What style do you teach?Martial Arts

We teach traditional Korean Tang Soo Do. The lineage of the style dates back to the Hwa Rang Warriors.

Is this style for girls as well?

Absolutely. Martial Arts is a very empowering activity for girls and women. No matter who you are, the internal aspects of this type of training have a long-term positive impact of your life. This is especially true for girls and women.

Do you offer age specific group classes?

Yes. Our classes are broken up by age groups; Elementz, White Tigers, Youth, Teens and Adults. While we do permit older students to step down a level to train with a younger sibling, each of these classes is taught a little differently in order to accommodate the needs and learning abilities of the various groups.

What about pricing?

Prices do change and we do offer a number of options based on individual situations. We have a risk free trial period that allows students and families to “test drive” what we do with no strings attached. If at the end of this period, you want to stay enrolled, your tuition is based on how long you are willing to commit to the program. Annual commitments are the least expensive and monthly commitments are the most expensive. We also make adjustments for multi-family members, military and first responders. Since pricing and offers change periodically, you will need to make an appointment with the school to get the most current pricing.

Where are you located?

The Saint Augustine Zip Code is a little misleading. We are located in Panther Plaza Shopping Center right across Ray Road from the Nease High School Stadium, at 10440 US Highway 1 North. Our Suite number is 115. We are along the long side of the shopping center almost in the middle. Just look for the ” Martial Arts ” sign on the store front.

How offen do students attend classes?

Tang Soo Do students need to attend two classes a week to ensure they are ready for their promotional test. Tuition is such that they can attend as many classes as they want, with the instructor’s permission.

What is the difference between Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo?

Taekwondo as a style is relatively young and came about as part of the liberation of Korea from the Japanese. Also being a Korean style, Taekwondo uses similar techniques, however, the way the techniques are applied tends to be different. There are also differences in things like forms. There is more about Tang Soo Do on our website (click here)

Are there other activities for students to participate in at the school?

Yes. We have an active Camp program. Host Karate birthday parties. Offer Kid’s Night Out events. Conduct a number of martial arts and self-defense related seminars for students and families. Some of the other activities include Black Belt Club, Weapons Training, and creative breaking.

What is the youngest you take students?

Generally we take students as young as 4 years. We only ask that they be able to use the bathroom on their own and be able to dress themselves.Martial Arts for Adults

Do you have adult martial arts classes?

Yes. We offer classes for adults only.

How is it that you use the term Karate in your logo?

As you know, Karate is a Japanese term. When Grand Master Pak came to this country from Korea in the 1960’s, the term that the public recognized as martial arts was Karate. We continue to use that term so stay connected to our roots, however, we are a martial arts school. There is more about the history of the United Tang Soo Do Federation on our website (click here).

Do students spar?

Yes. Only in the Tang Soo Do program, under close supervision, and with protective gear. Once students learn techniques, they need to learn how to apply those techniques.

What is the promotional cycle?

Students are eligible to be promoted, once they past the test for their rank. This test includes techniques, forms, sparring and a board break.

Do students participate in tournaments?

We encourage all of our students to participate in tournaments, however it is not required. Tournament participation is a great way for students to learn how to perform in front of an audience. It is also a great way for students to further develop sparring skills by sparring with students they have not met before. Additionally, students get to meet others from other schools, meet other instructors and masters and even Grand Master Pak.

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