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Ready for Classes to Start

It has taken a little longer to get this ready to open than we had wanted, but now that everything is here we are ready to start classes. Kids program and traditional Tang Soo Do start Monday. We are ready to open another chapter in our lives and grateful to all who helped bring this


PAKS Ponte Vedra will be opening its doors very soon! Sign up to receive an advanced special offer:

Ponte Vedra Paks Karate Update #1

Martial Arts

A quick update for everyone…. Painting – Turns out we decided to paint everything. We wanted to school to look great from day one, so while we wait for the flooring, we are getting fresh paint everywhere, even in my shoes, but that’s another conversation.

The 21 Day Rule

time to commit

21 Day Rule There seems to be significant differences of opinion regarding the notion that it takes 21 days to create a habit, but whether it’s 21, 40, or 90 days, the facts remain that committing to change requires conscious daily effort to be successful. Today is a significant day for many people as it

Get On Your Feet….. From Anatomy in Motion

Do your body a favor and stay active. Give Tang Soo Do a try!

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