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Onward Go Onward By Respecting The Past

go onward by respecting the past

Moving Onward requires that you learn from mistakes made in the past and do something about them. This is a lesson that many fail to learn early in life, if at all. Worse yet, there are those who expect someone else to do something about fixing these failures. Once you come to grips with the

Fore Fist Techniques Technical Applications in Tang Soo Do

Figure 1 - Fore Fist Technique

The classic Fore Fist Technique used in Tang Soo Do is incorporated into several blocking and striking hand techniques. Proper technique with the execution of the fist is a must in order to reduce/eliminate injury to the many bones in the hand, wrist and forearm. This allows for maximum delivery of force at the point

A Good Read from Kelly Muir


I wanted to share this with you all as we tend to see children getting overloaded with activities on a regular basis. This is very well written and I can’t think of anything more to add. Teach Your Child How To Work, NOT How To Be Busy…. By Kelly Muir · Leave a Comment

You Don’t Always Reap What You Sow…. Thoughts, Actions, Habits, Character and Destiny

Hwa Rang Do Founder Joo Bang Lee on the History of Korean Martial Arts

This is an interesting article published in Black Belt Magazine that discusses the history of martial arts in Korea, through the eyes of one of the few that are still around to tell the story, Joo Bang Lee. This is ver informative and contains a wealth of information. There are some points that some may

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