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4 Reasons We Use Formal Testing Testing procedures vary from style to style, and sometimes from school owner to school owner in the same style, here are four reasons we formally test our students.

home schooling and martial arts

Martial Arts training is a great option for parents considering home schooling their children, provided you find the right school. With the resurgence of home school education locally and across the country, parents are beginning to see the value of taking control of their child’s education destiny.

The Selling Of Belt Rank

why we use belt rank

Occasionally, I am reminded that there are students of martial arts and parents of said students, that fail to comprehend the importance of earning a belt rank. A little history. Belts have been a part of the uniform for many years, however the colored belt system to keep track of promotions is relatively new. Traditionally,

Celebrate Our Grand Opening

Grand Opening Paks

Join us and members of the United Tang Soo Do Federation as we celebrate our Grand Opening on May 31, 2014. We made the decision to soft open the school in February and wait until more favorable weather to host our Grand Opening Celebration, when we were certain to get time from and support from the many

The Power of Water

The power of water

When you think about it, water, as an element, is very powerful. It regulates the other elements and helps us stay healthy. It moves earth, on the shores of the ocean and in the mountains during a rain. It also dissolves earth as it passes through and along the ground. Just look at what it has

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