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March 2016 Student Promotions

Student Promotions and Pak’s Ponte Vedra Saturday, March 19, 2016 Pak’s Ponte Vedra Students at Pak’s Ponte Vedra participated in the quarterly promotional test on Saturday March 19, 2016. It was a fantastic promotion, presided over by Grand Master Song Ki Pak, Senior Master Richard Sixkiller and our special guest Master Larry Maccherone, from Paks

Martial Arts Training and Fitness

5 Ways Martial Arts Training can help you with your fitness goals in the coming year Martial Arts Training For Weight Loss Martial arts training is a full body workout that burns significant calories throughout the duration of class. Whether practicing forms, technique drills or sparring, students burn a lot of calories. The sessions work the

Make Exercise Personal

martial arts

Make exercise personal, it is a journey to be enjoyed, whether your path is moving the “BIG IRON” or dancing the “Charleston”, make it personal and make it your life style and you will have a fit life. Fitness is as much in the mind as it is on the scale, in the weight room,

Martial Arts Training and Body Weight Workouts Take your Martial Arts Training To A Whole New Level

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If ever there was a winning combination, it’s the combination of body weight training and martial arts training. Body weight training not only strengthens the muscle fibers, but also all of the supporting muscle groups and stabilizers, while martial arts training focuses on balance, coordination and speed. Together, these make a formidable training regimen. While

Selecting a Martial Arts School Six C’s for your consideration

Choosing a martial arts school

If you surf the web, you’ll find almost as many answers to the question of how to choose a martial arts school as you find local schools in your area. Seems like everyone has their own opinion that naturally slants toward what they perceive to be the strengths of their own school over any others

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