A Martial Arts Style For Everyone

Martial Arts Mission Statement

Our mission at Pak’s Ponte Vedra is provide a sustainable, first class Martial Arts training experience that continues the United Tang Soo Do Federation legacy of teaching fitness and self-defense through the Traditional Korean style of Tang Soo Do

We accomplish this by focusing on these core values:

1) Meeting the training needs of individuals and families one-on-one and in group settings

Teens in the program

Teens in the program

2) Publicly celebrate the individual successes of our students

3) Incorporate current trends in training protocols that continue to stimulate the learning process through the process of continuing education

4) Maintain open lines of communication with students and families

5) Give back to the community by participating in a variety of community events

Core Values

We Lead

As Black Belts in the United Tang Soo Do Federation, we are charged with setting and example for the style. We take the fact that we are a direct reflection on Grand Master Pak very seriously. This means that everything we do must be done, the best way possible from the comprehensive nature of our Martial Arts curriculum, to the attention to detail of the facility, to the first impressions we make. We set these examples very high and our students learn to follow these examples closely.

We Coach

The journey to black belt excellence is a personal one. Each student carves his or her own path as they make their way to the goal. We walk that path with each of our students, helping them see the best ways to apply the style, whether they see fitness, competitive activities, or self-defense. We want everyone’s Martial Arts training experience to be as rewarding for them as it has been for us.

We Care

We care about each student and how they make their marks on the world, so we put extra effort into helping students learn what it means to be a Black Belt. Our Martial Arts training teaches the values instilled by the Hwa Rang Warriors, Loyalty, Respect, Courage, Justice, and Trustworthiness.

We Learn

We continue to study and practice the Tang Soo Do style of Martial Arts so we can continue to advance in our own ranks, through various training and support opportunities within the Federation and through outside learning activities. Never let a day go by where you don’t learn something.

We Give

We give back to the community by supporting local schools, community organizations, and local food banks. We also host a number of instructional events free of charge to the community.

Hang With Us