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Classes are offered at Pak’s Ponte Vedra to fit beginners of any age group. It’s never to late to begin your martial arts journey at Pak’s Ponte Vedra.

Classes for Kids

Elementz Students Ready for Class

Children who begin studying martial arts at Paks are exposed to training and exercises tailored to small bodies and developing minds. In these classes, students learn basic Tang Soo Do techniques, and training advances over the course of a year, culminating in a formal promotion ceremony tied to a student’s birthday.

Kids Program goals instill the basic tenants of courtesy, respect, listening skills, and socialization. Through the use of various drills and games, taught through group and individual lessons, our instructors help children connect with themselves and each other.

The White Tigers are a group of interested students looking for more that what the Elementz students are learning. This is a full-on martial arts training experience including traditional forms, a wider range of techniques, one-step sparring, free sparring and board breakPaks Family Programing. Students eligible to get into this program need to have been in the Elementz program for 6 months and be invited by the instructor.

Students follow the same curriculum as the youth Tang Soo Do students, however it is structured at a slower pace, allowing students ample time to get the techniques down in time to advance.

Training for this group is broken into Forms Sessions and Sparring Sessions, allowing the instructors to focus on specific routines to help this age group as they continue to grow. Emphasis on gross and fine motor skills, balance and postural control, fast and slow twitch muscle movements are very important tot his age group. Forms training is very technical, not only focusing on forms, but drills and routines designed to introduce belt specific tec

Classes for Youth

Sisters in Training

hnique combinations that are challenging, provide repetition for muscle memory development, and introduce complex combinations that they will use in future forms.

Training in the Youth Program is very age-specific, and focuses on making martial arts fun and interesting, while putting emphasis on focus, persistence, determination, and working together.

Youth Program goals provide students with the foundational knowledge of Tang Soo Do, and prepare them for their first Dan test.

Students are expected to attend a minimum of two, one-hour classes per week in order to be prepared to advance.

Classes for Teens

Teens practicing One-Step

Our Teen’s program starts at the age of 12, which is where the curriculum changes to allow for a faster paced rank advancement. Students at this level can understand how to move through the forms and are past much of the “growth spurts” that are associated with youth students. The pace of these class is still fast, however we engage the students more in this class with more questions giving them the ability to understand more the intent of the training as opposed to just executing routines.

Flexibility balance and postural control is an important part of the fitness training in these classes.

The important connection between a strong body and mind is addressed, and good training habits, nutrition, character and personal development are essential training elements at this level.

Teen Program goals focus on preparing students to become confident leaders as they learn what it means to be a black belt in Tang Soo Do.

Classes for Adults

You are never too old to start.

Adults come to train at Pak’s Ponte Vedra for a variety of reasons. Some have always wanted to do something like this and did not, some trained as a kid and stopped for whatever reason, others are looking to loose a few pounds, some are looking to regain the flexibility of their youth. Some are fitness enthusiasts, some are physically limited by age or injury, some are looking for an opportunity to do something different with like-minded people. Our Adult Program is all of this and more…

While this is a group class, the focus is on the individual, their needs and their goals. There is no pressure to test for promotion, however students do learn all of the techniques outlined in the curriculum, we just make modifications based on individual limitations.

Students that want to promote will need to attend two classes per week to ensure they are prepared.

Adult Program goals integrate more advanced disciplines, assisting students in developing long-term, beneficial training habits.

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Minimum: 2 classes per week


Youth Classes: 60 minutes

Adult and Teen Classes: 90 minutes

Each class component also includes a 2-minute overlap, to allow for incidental run-over between components.

Classes for the Youth are split into fast-paced sparring classes and more technical forms classes. Teen and Adult classes are 90 minutes long.

Sparring Class Structure

  1. Warm up
  2. Opening Movements
  3. Striking Drills
  4. Footwork Drills
  5. One Step Sparring
  6. Free Sparring
  7. Cool Down & Stretching

Forms Class Structure

  1. Warm up
  2. Opening Movements
  3. Technical Drills
  4. Form Drills
  5. Form Practice
  6. Cool Down & Stretching

You’ll notice that our program descriptions don’t include the term “fighting.” This term connotes aggression, and our programs are intended to develop students’ confidence in their sparring techniques without encouraging confrontation or violence. Rather than promoting aggressive techniques, we concentrate on creating a calm, relaxed, and controlled demeanor in our students’ minds, which translates into the strength needed for martial arts movements, such as breaking.

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