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Celebrating 2016 Our Best Year Ever!!

Celebrating 2016 Martial Arts Competitions

Very Proud Of Our Students

December 1, 2016

The Competition Team at Paks Ponte Vedra is celebrating their best martial arts competition year ever. The 13 member team competed in three tournaments this year and won a combined total of 21 awards in forms and sparring competitions. Sixteen first place awards, three second place awards, and 2 third place awards. Participating in this year’s martial arts competitions were, Ms. Danielle Vogt,, Ms. Breanne Beaver, Mr. Reid Norteman, Mr. Paden Pinder, Ms. Kayla Shreve, Ms. Morgan Shreve, Mr. Seth Relampagos, Ms Erin Orlando, Mr. Ethan Orlando, Mr. Caleb Hobbs, Mr. Bryce Walker, Mr. Grayson Rigby, Mr. Jayden Sennholtz, and Mr. Dominic Tindall. We appreciate your representing Paks Ponte Vedra and the United Tang Soo Do Federation. Mr. Bill, Mr. Harry, and Ms. Clarissa are so very proud of your efforts.

Martial Arts Competitions

Students that compete not only gain experience competing against themselves and other students. They gain confidence in themselves, not only in their martial arts, but in focus, goal setting, perseverance, and courage. Overcoming the adversity of performing in front of a crowd can be a big benefit to students later in life.


While tournament martial arts competitions are not a required activity, we encourage ant of our interested students to participate by providing additional training and coaching leading up to the event. We are also there for the students, cheering them on and coaching during sparring.


Mr. Bill says, “ It is so rewarding watching and coaching a student during a competition. Seeing the focus, nerves, perseverance as they go through their rounds is inspiring. Seeing the happiness in their faces when they finish their competition is one of the greatest feelings in the world. “


While we know that each competitor has his or her eyes on the ultimate prize. We put our focus on the sense of camaraderie of the competitors. Focusing on the fact that they are doing something that few people dream of doing, much less attempting it.


Paks Ponte Vedra is a martial arts school that focuses on the traditional Korean style called Tang Soo Do. Instructors are certified by the United Tang Soo Do Federation, under the guidance of Grand Master Song Ki Pak. The school is located in Northern Saint Johns County, in Panther Plaze Shopping Center, across from Allen D. Nease High School. For more information call the school directly at 904-829-8087 or visit us on the web at

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