The PAK’S Black Belt Club is open to all Blue Belt Black Stripe Students

Our Black Belt Club is an elite group of students that share the common goal of promoting the virtues of being a Black Belt in the United Tang Soo Do Federation. This designation is open to all students who have achieved Blue Belt Black Stripe.

Being a Black Belt in the Federation is a great honor and PAK’S Black Belt Club represents the best of the best at our school. The Black Belt Club will host specific training sessions, club-only events and various events to support our efforts to give back to the Federation and the Communities in which we live.

Members of the Black Belt Club receive a custom patch to be displayed on the left sleeve of their Dobok. The center section of the patch recognizes the student as being a member of the Club. Surrounding the center section are five sections, representing skills that need to be earned by studying and presenting the virtues of the 5 Codes of the Hwa Rang Warriors: Courage, Respect, Justice, Loyalty and Trustworthiness, to the full voting members of the Club. Each section of the patch that is earned also represents one vote on issues pertaining to the Black Belt Club.

black belt club

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