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Best of 2016

Best of 2016

Pak’s Ponte Vedra Awarded Second Consecutive Year

For two consecutive years, Pak’s Ponte Vedra has been chosen as the Best Martial Arts School in St. Augustine. Best Of 2015This is an honor that we take very personally and proudly. As we look back on what it is that helps us earn this distinction, it all comes down to our outstanding students and the families that support their endeavors.

Great martial arts programs do not exist in a vacuum, they exist in the hearts and minds of the participants. In order to be the best, you must strive for excellence in everything you do. For students, this starts with wanting to start martial arts training in the first place. Is this an activity for you? Are you willing to push yourself to achieve things that others only dream of accomplishing?

While most think of martial arts as an individual sport, there is a team involved. This team consists of the family, the student, the school, and the instructor coming together to create success. The family supports and encourages the student, in many cases providing transportation and dedicating time from their busy schedules to make a difference. They also help students understand the value of perseverance and the never give up attitude. The student works hard, not only on the mats, but also in daily life, maintaining good grades in school, being responsible at home, and encouraging other students to be the best they can be. The school provides an environment, rich in learning opportunities for the student to take advantage of. Finally the instructor coaches the student to perform their absolute best. The instructor also balances the learning of the student with the curriculum to ensure the student is learning the techniques necessary to advance.

Best Of 2016It is an interesting dynamic between families, individuals, the school and the instructors that come together to develop this team.

What makes our program so different is the focus on the individual. Is this for everyone? Sadly, no. Is this something that anyone can do? Absolutely. Is this something for your child? Its hard to say. They are either drawn to this or they are not. Martial arts training is a very personally rewarding activity for anyone willing to put forth the effort to succeed.

It is the effort to succeed that has awarded us this special recognition. We are very passionate about what we do and work hard to deliver an outstanding experience.

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