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April UTF Juniors Tournament UTF Headquarters, Jacksonville, Florida

Annual UTF Juniors Tournament Success Stories

Tang Soo Do students from the United Tang Soo Do Federation from Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia gathered in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, April 9, 2016, for the annual UTF Juniors Championship, hosted by UTF President, Grand Master Song Ki Pak, at United Tang SoPaks Main School1o Do Federation Headquarters on Blanding Boulevard.

Black Belts of all ranksĀ gathered from the area schools to help organize and officiate the event, which was a sparring or forms event. Students could choose to compete in one or the other categories. Participants were bracketed by rank, age and size. Ranks beginning at white belt all the way through Black Belt participated. To qualify, you had to be a member of the UTF and be no older than 16 years.

There were a number of notable matches which pitted novice students from one school against similar skilled students from other schools. Mr. Bill and Miss Leila, judged forms and sparring competitions at all levels of expertise and our observations were that the competitors were well trained.

Mr. Bill said that these events are a great way for a student to test their skills against skills of same raked student from other schools. It is also a way for student to meet and make new friends. Grand Master Pak also added that win or loose, it is these events that help students gain confidence. Confidence that they will carry with them for life.

Paks Ponte Vedra had three students participate, Mr. Reid Norteman, Mr. Paden Pinder, and Mr. Seth Relampagos. All forms competitors, all taking first place. We are very proud.

Mr. Reid is a honor roll student at Ocean Palms Elementary and has earned his Blue Belt WhiteReid and Paden Stripe in Tang Soo Do. He is a member of the Paks Ponte Vedra Black Belt Club, he helps with demonstrations and assists with junior belts in class. His parents are very proud of his accomplishments. They are big supporters of the school and the Federation.

Mr. Paden is also a honor roll student from Wards Creek Elementary. He has earned his Green Belt Black Stripe in Tang Soo Do and also helps out with demonstration for the school. His mom, also a student, and his dad are big supporters of the school and the Federation. Miss Desiree, his mom, helps with our on-line terminology training, managing the term games.

Seth 04 2016Mr. Seth, another honor roll student from Bartram Springs Elementary, recently earned his green belt white stripe and trains in the youth class at Paks Ponte Vedra. This is Seth’s first tournament experience and he did an awesome job despite being a bit nervous.

We are all looking forward to the July tournament which is a Sparring and/or Forms event.

Mr. Bill and Miss Leila want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the competitors that participated, especially Mr. Reid, Mr. Paden, and Mr. Seth for an awesome job. Keep up the great work.

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