PAK’S enhances life skills, lifestyles and fitness through martial arts training

Who We Are

PAK’S Karate & Fitness is a martial arts studio with a difference. Our programs and classes focus on the advantages of Tang Soo Do training and a healthy lifestyle, and our studio is open to students of all ages and lifestyles.

This United Tang Soo Do Federation Karate School is an extension of our family’s passion for karate, training, and fitness, and was created to bring the benefits of an incredible martial arts form to the people of the Ponte Vedra area.

Our mission
is to challenge our students,
using martial arts training to prepare them for the physical and emotional demands of life.



What We Do

At PAK’S, we provide training programs that center on physical conditioning and mindful focus, building self-efficacy, self-awareness and self-esteem through the teachings of the United Tang Soo Do Federation.

It is our goal to provide training alternatives that instill confidence in students as they face today’s modern world. Whether this is an individual pursuit, or a family engagement, we help each student pursue success.

The art of Tang Soo Do

We teach Tang Soo Do as a means of honoring the United Tang Soo Do Federation, Grandmaster Song Ki Pak, and those who have come before us, allowing us to benefit and prosper from this training. Martial Arts training is a big part of our lives, and we are proud to be part of our students’ successful journeys through the program.

An authentic Korean martial art form, Tang Soo Do utilizes a set of ancient Eastern philosophies to address the needs of today’s practitioners. Tang Soo Do combines an intense physical workout with mental discipline and self-control, bringing clarity and purpose to those who study the art.

The goals of Tang Soo Do include the self improvement and the enhancement of physical and mental connection. It is through this connection that Tang Soo Do separates itself from other martial art forms. Displays of skill and achievement are part of the art form, but those who study Tang Soo Do travel a path of concentration, awareness, and lasting satisfaction.

United Tang Soo Do FederationPAK’S is proud to be part of the United Tang Soo Do Federation, one of the World’s premiere Korean Martial Arts Federations, consisting of over 100 schools united under the direction of Grandmaster Song K. Pak.


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Programs & Classes Offered at PAK’S

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